Every now and then we hear and read about why being positive is important. Thinking positive is related positively with our physical, mental and emotional health. Many earlier researches have also suggested that realistic and positive thought process can really improve our attitude towards life, lead us to new opportunities and make us learn from the bitter times. 

But, as they say, it takes time to build or shun any habit. In the same way, positivity too needs daily investment of time and affirmations. It takes a conscious effort of daily basis to reinforce positivity into our thought process. A daily effort of positive affirmation on our conscious mind’s perspective is necessary to be affecting our subconscious mind. Only when our subconscious is programmed in this manner on a regular basis, can we really change our attitude and accept positive thinking as a way of life. 

Some quick catch-points to understand the “how” of positive thinking are:

* There are certain things in our life which we don’t have control on. Recognize them and don’t try to become restless on those issues. Everyone has some or the other aspect of life which is not under  their control, so you are not alone.

* Exercise. The amount of endorphins or the “good hormones” that exercise releases are incredibly amazing. A 30 minute exercise regime really helps us feel good and helps us in reducing stress and increasing positive outlook in us.

* Positive thinking is a conscious effort. Everyone has positive and negative emotions and feelings but it is us who has to choose which category of emotions we want to linger on.

* Stay in company with positive people. Those friends who make you do more, achieve more and thrive more should be the ones you should be hanging around with. positivity and happiness are contagious. Try and share them along with you buddies. 

* Although your company helps but the real work has to be done by you only. Don’t find  your positivity, create it. You have to thrust yourself to think and positive things and thoughts. Be somebody so as to be happy and positive. 

* Read struggle stories of champions. Not a single success story out there boasts of a no-hurdle, no-adversity life. Read about the winners and learn how failures have been the stepping stones of successful personalities. You will understand the importance of never say die attitude and power of positive thoughts. 

In any case, whether you think positive or negative, life goes on and never stops rolling. So why not take the charge, and grab the driver’s seat. Take some risks, believe you can and set the game on fire. Last but not the least, be positive, its more than just a blood group.!