Ever heard anyone saying about you that you emit negativity. If not the same words, may be you had a feedback that you have negative vibes or all you think is negativity. The answer is to change or infact create your new and better vibes. Believe me, its possible. 

It is very much possible for you to be unconsciously letting others know of the fact that you are skeptical about future, you are doubtful and fearful of change and trying new things. The environment around us speaks a lot about how we think these days and about our thought process in general. We live in a time now where everything has to be instant, we don’t want to wait for things to take their own time, speeding up on the road to flaunt that we were not caught for speeding and on gas stove to get 2 minute instant noodles is the kind of lifestyle we are adept to. We are more comfortable playing online games on our expensive smart phone than actually going outdoors to catch up with friends or neighbors and have a game together. Winning a virtual poker game is what our brain is used to and losing an actual match is what takes time for us to seep in. 

In such an atmosphere where tolerance and satisfaction need some audience and nobody actually wants to tolerate or sacrifice, negativity is bound to creep in. We feel negative and dissatisfied about what we have, posts of our friends about their new possessions make us feel bad. We feel lonely even after being with our life partner. We need space from our real relations because we think they are hindering our privacy and our virtual social activities are getting affected. Promotions in our workplace will not always be bagged by us, and we should feel happy for our friends who received them but actually we don’t and start backbiting and emitting negativity about them that they received it just by fluke. In fact we seldom feel truly happy. All we think, eat and emit is negativity about us and others. 

What is the solution to it and how can we break the vicious circle. The answer is creating new vibes for yourself. As they say, nothing will change if we change nothing. It is pretty alien for our body and mind to be thinking or doing something new or improved. Our subconscious has been programmed and seasoned to think the way we have been thinking all these years. So, definitely it is not going to be easy. If it was easy everybody would do it and change their life. Hard is what makes it great. But, the results will be awesome and life changing. 

All we have to do is to consciously create a better version of our thinking process each time we have a view or perspective about people or things happening around us. Positive thinking is essentially a choice. Start by thinking positive about yourself. How do you think you look, how do you think you are doing in life, what marks do you give to yourself for surviving the worst time of your life and coming this far. The moment we start thinking in this way and feel grateful and thankful for the possessions that we already have, at-least some dissatisfaction will shoo away from within us and we will be able to have a positive vision for ourselves. Laugh more, complain less. speak less, do more and you will see a considerable change in your self and the kind of energy you emit at your workplace and space around you.

 Good luck.