We all have some degree of unhappiness prevailing inside us. Workplace could be a major contributing field for our unhappiness. In the present competitive time when most of us are comprising significant work force of national and multinational corporate houses in India and abroad, almost all of us are encountering performance pressure from every possible direction. We work and toil day in and day out to earn our paychecks, to add promotions in our kitty in a hope that we will feel happy and satisfied if the next visible promotion is bagged. But that satisfaction factor never really comes even if we bag that promotion or appreciation from our boss. And if the promotion opportunity slips from our hands then obviously there is discontentment, no prizes to guess the state of mental unhappiness we are in for days after the loss. Our personal and relationship struggles are also a baggage that we carry every time on our shoulders. A lot happens at our personal front which affects our concentration at work, our stress levels and overall productivity. 

Internal struggle comes as no surprise in such a scenario. But what is the solution to it is something we don’t find an answer to. We resort to temporary distractions, smoking, partying with colleagues, taking stress for granted thinking that it is but natural for unhappiness to be part and parcel of doing modern life job and nearly all around us are also having the same story so there is nothing much that can be done so yeah, just let it be.!

But, this constant accumulation of stress and unhappiness and we have no plan to deal and cope with it leads us to mental and physical ailments. Disclosing the climax of this article in a nutshell, happiness has to be created by us and not to be found somewhere outside. 

Take note at the following tit-bits list to overcome the gloomy state of your mind and temperament.

* Try not to be harsh to yourselves. 

* Try not to take blame for anything and everything that didn’t work onto yourself. 

* Be it the role of a professional, a spouse or a parent, we are fulfilling multiple roles. But understand that certain things are beyond our control. So take lesser strain of everything around you.

* You must find and do some activity that makes YOU happy and satisfied. No, we are not talking about what your spouse likes or your kids like, but YOU. Go find out if that fishing rod is calling you or if you need a long drive with some of your friend or a soccer or tennis session would be something that will make your sweat and feel better.

* Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.

* Try to be organized with your work and workplace. That will help you to be dealing with less clutter and stress. 

* Exercise is proven to be producing happy hormones called endorphins, so why not, a good one hour exercise at your local gym or even an in-home yoga session would enough for you to energize. 

I have myself dealt with stress with the above ways. I have shared my experience more than knowledge with you in the above narration. Hope this article helps you to see yourself in a better light of self confidence and esteem. Good luck.!