Who doesn’t want to be an out performer at his/her workplace. Each one of us likes being applauded for being hardworking and feeling better than others at the workplace comes as an added advantage. We work day in and day out, reach office on or before time, work diligently, leave office usually after the shift ends, but still feel there is some missing link and the applause or respect that we expected from such a dedicated work schedule differs from what we receive in reality. 

Losing control and getting frustrated is very normal in the long run if the case is similar to what is narrated above. But sometimes there are just some little details and nuances which we might have been missing on in the past. These, if kept track of, can really fetch us some great applause and recognition at the workplace. 

1)  Mind your formal communication. You might boast of your expertise in making advanced excel worksheets or presentations that are beyond impressive, but if your presentations and memos are full of spelling errors, mathematical faults and grammatical mistakes, you will find people highlighting what’s wrong in your work rather than appreciating what is right in it. 

2) Get a good attitude. Taking work duties as a healthy game in which you have the opportunity to perform your best with a positive attitude on your sleeve will surely get people around you to be attracted and pleased to work with you. Never badmouth your coworkers who are not doing so well. Be a firm believer in karma, whoever is doing wrong, his work will actually come to the surface after some time. 

3) Fix it if you can, leave it if you can’t. So, in either of the situations worrying, whining or complaining won’t help. If there is something you can do about it, do it. And alternatively, if there is something you can’t control, then let it go and move on.

4) Deliver what you promise. Remember that everyone on the workplace have got personal issues and problems. Don’t let yours clash with your work duties. Take each day as a task in your hand and try to balance your work, health and private life. Your personal life is no less important, so if you feel your mental peace is severely getting affected or you are not able to find a positive outcome anyhow even after trying possible alternatives, then it is always advisable to keep family and personal life first. But while working at a particular place, only promise what you can deliver. So if you have promised to show up with the file on the deadline, do so or you will not be respected. 

5) Keep it clean. This relates to two area. Firstly, keeping your work space clean so that it is clutter free and leads to more productivity. Organizing your files, vouchers and table tops after regular intervals will surely make you feel the difference with your stress levels and efficiency. 

While there are many other problem areas that might be specific to you and your workplace, a periodical review of what might need attention is your responsibility to go through. Often speaking bad about coworkers or boss may sound very light and casual to you but at office, nothing remains at one seat, everything revolves and rotates including job roles and gossips, so beware. Behave professionally. Take office as a working space and not a playground to game around.