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A session where I share the concepts on Anxiety, that will COMPLETELY HELP you to destroy the anxiety game. It’s an action-packed session containing pre-recorded videos, live sessions, notes and exercises, filled with frameworks and mental models to help you.

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1- Best selling author of the book “The Ultimate Mind Booster: To Destroy the Anxiety Game”, Feb 2020
2- PhD in international business, Master in Commerce (M.Com.) specialization in international business, 2006
3- CPA (Certified Public Accountant) from Maine, USA with a score of 89% with all four sections of the exam passed in first attempt, 2012
4- RPA (Registered Professional Accountant) from Ontario, Canada, 2010
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6- Gold Medalist in M.Com. (Specialization in international business) degree course, 2003
7- Secured 98 percentile in IELTS exam attempted in Calgary, Canada, 2009
8- Successfully instructing communication and soft skills related courses with Chartered Accountant students at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)

Dr. Anshu Arya

What’s inside the book


Defining anxiety

The nasty sibling of fear and uncertainty


Are you alone or lonely

Infact, try to have some alone time often


Anxiety myths and facts

Yes, you can make peace with it


You are what you eat, indeed!

Foods that can exaggerate or curb anxiety

Chapter 1

Defining Anxiety (The nasty sibling of fear and uncertainty)

“Anxiety is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness” – Richard Carlson

The economies worldwide might be currently facing a slowdown with all efforts being made to inject some life force by the finance heads of nearly all the state heads but the word anxiety or depression is on a boom since quite a long time. People are easily and frequently using “depression” or “stress” as a term that can define their irritated state of mind and cause of the miserable state of personal affairs. Even school going children can be heard saying that they are having stress. Before twenty years when I was entering college, I had never heard of the term “educational psychologists” but today we have educational psychologists even in schools. This conveys a story, because the supply of treatment is only done where the demand is. Anxiety is such a hot selling buzzword these days. From people working in offices to public sector units, everyone is self proclaiming that he/she is under so much pressure and is suffering from either anxiety or depression.


The National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 , conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, under the purview of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, reveals that 9.8 million teenagers in the age group 13-17 years suffer depression and other mental health disorders and are “in need of active intervention”(13). This statistic tells the story of depression hit youth of India by itself.



Stress- Is it natural?

The real question of concern is, is there really a situation calling for you to have stress and anxiety? Our bodies are equipped with stress hormone releasing organs given by mother nature. Fear hormones are secreted by the adrenal gland, an endocrine gland located on top of our kidneys. The sole purpose of these organs is to secrete the stress hormone adrenaline, also called the fight or flight hormone in an actual alarming situation so that the body gets the signal that it has to be in alert mode because there is an emergency. Well, this makes sense till now. After all, mother nature knows it all. But what if we ourselves create an imaginary, horrifying and alarming picture in our mind, about something that actually doesn’t exist or hasn’t happened yet and start anticipating that something bad will happen in the future, a point will arise where our mind starts believing that definitely something not so good will happen and give the signal to the body to release the stress hormones. Our mind is also a very fascinating creation of Almighty. Although the mind can estimate the distance between the Earth and Mars accurately but the poor thing does not have the ability to recognize whether a situation running inside it on its picture screen is real or imaginary. Since the mind cannot differentiate between an event for being real or imaginary, the only signal that the mind knows to send the body is secrete stress hormones, secrete stress hormones!


Unfortunately, we take some or the other stress almost all day, so parallely the stress hormones are released during the entire day. These flight or fight hormones enter and keep circulating in our bloodstream and cause disease, also called anxiety disorder or panic attacks. To make matters worse, the principles of quantum physics and the famous Law of Attraction says, what you anticipate and believe in continuation, materializes itself into reality! So it is a matter of clinical inquiry whether someone is actually going through a medical anxiety condition or not.



Train your brain to overcome anxiety. Choosing prosperity, abundance and mental peace is entirely your choice and responsibility.

Amazing life changing content... overall perspective put in simple words.... A must take the session for all... Kept me glued till the last seconds!


The book offers fresh content on wholistic self care and hence the solution of everyday anxiety and stress. Wish Dr. Anshu Arya best for her future endeavors.

Nirmal Mishra

The session offers fresh content on wholistic self care and hence the solution of everyday anxiety and stress. Wish Dr. Anshu Arya best for her future endeavors.

Pooja Arora