Dr. anshu arya

  • Life and Success Coach
  • Visiting Faculty of communication studies at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi.
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Corporate soft skills trainer
  • Mental Wellness Author

My Story

From struggling full time personally with the fear of the unknown for 15 years as a young woman, from being beaten up badly by life and circumstances in my childhood years, from having negligible friends for years I can remember, from having a disturbed childhood and teenage, from losing my mother in my own arms at a very early age, from being judged by the people around me day in and out, from being body shamed to being left alone as a punishment for being me, from being a people pleaser for years, from underestimating myself and presenting myself low key to satisfy the ego of others all the time, from becoming hopeless that life has nothing good to offer to the point where I am today, for me it has indeed been more life experiences than my actual biological age.

Dr. Anshu Arya


It is all a matter of choice: Choosing to be happy is a deliberate act, believe me, you will have to push yourself and pressurize yourself to think positive and be happy in the beginning.

Think Less Do More: I do not believe in thinking much. I believe in doing things continuously to master them. Throughout my life till date I have realised to depth that you cannot and should not expect anything from anyone